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ProDentim is a probiotic supplement designed to support healthy teeth and gums and is being hailed as the most powerful gum and teeth restoring solution in the world.

By letting the sugar-free probiotic candies melt in your mouth daily, the ProDentim tablets can spread active, beneficial bacteria throughout your mouth to support your not only your teeth and gums, but overall health too. Each ProDentim advanced oral probiotics tablet is loaded with 3.5 Billion CFU per capsule and also contains other high-profile nutrients like inulin powder (from chicory root) and Streptococcus salivarius.

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What is ProDentim?
ProDentim is an oral health supplement available on the official website,

Unlike a traditional probiotic supplement, ProDentim works in your mouth, not in your gut as the first probiotic softgel that's scientifically proven to help you stop bleeding. extremely fast bleeding gums and tooth decay. Simply chew or let ProDentim melt in your mouth instead of swallowing the capsule. When you chew and ProDentim melts in your oral cavity, you release the ingredients into your saliva (the mouth's living blood). Your saliva spreads active ingredients in your mouth, supporting a healthy oral microbiome.

Your gut is home to billions of bacteria. However, your mouth is also a breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria help you break down the food you eat, maintain fresh breath, and trigger hormone production, among other benefits.

By targeting your oral health using the power of probiotics, ProDentim can support healthy inflammation, your respiratory tract and overall healthy teeth, along with benefits. is different.



ProDentim is an advanced oral probiotic supplement in the form of a doctor-manufactured soluble probiotic gum with clinically researched ingredients including 3.5 billion healing bacteria and five element. The only one that naturally supports healthy teeth and gums by optimizing the oral microbiome. ).


take one soft chewable probiotic tablet daily after brushing your teeth in the morning and let science take care of the rest to enjoy the oral health benefits of ProDentim


Prodentim was created by Dr. Drew Sutton MD, who also prepares and manufactures ProDentim
Official website: (Verified online ProDentim providers only)


Designed to be the only 100% natural, doctor-formulated solution that addresses the root causes of gum disease, tooth decay and cavities by optimizing the oral microbiome by Using the simple ProDentim gum healing formula in the form of a unique mineral bacteria gently melts in your mouth.


ProDentim mouth-dissolving probiotics contain 20mg of a proprietary blend of probiotics:
Lactobacillus Paracasei (L-Paracasei) (aka 'The Agent')
Lactobacillus Reuteri (L. Reuteri) (aka 'Firefighter')
B.lactis BL-04® (balanced to support gut and oral microbiota)
Inulin (a biofuel precursor that allows good strains of bacteria to grow)
Strawberry extract (malic acid) (also known as natural teeth whitener)
Tricalcium Phosphate (a premium form of mineral calcium, which can reduce tooth sensitivity)
Menthol (reduces inflammation and soothes toothaches)
NOTE: BLIS K-12 ingredients (aka 24/7 bodyguard for your gums and teeth, one of the most unique bacterial formulations discovered for oral immune system health) do not Also included in the product composition with BLIS M-18 (naturally removes stains while limiting plaque build-up)


only $49 per bottle when ordering a 180-day best value 6-bottle pack (excluding free shipping and getting two free bonuses with instant access (Bad Breath Gone. One Day Detox & Hollywood White Teeth at) ) Home)
$59 per bottle when ordering the 3 most popular bottles in 90 days (also no shipping and get two free bonuses available for immediate download)
$69 per bottle when ordering a 1-bottle pack, for 30 days (also free shipping with no handling fees, but excluding two free gifts)

All customers who purchase ProDentim candy are backed by a 60-day money-back policy, allowing each user two full months after the original purchase date to try it out risk-free today.

Two free bonuses available with 3 and 6 month options are: “Bad Breath Gone. A Detox Day" and "Hollywood Teeth Whitening at Home"

ProDentim™ Only $49/Bottle- Limited Time Offer

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